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Zoo Zagreb Main Entrance

The main entrance of the Zagreb ZOO is located in the historically important environment of Maksimir Park on a location full of valuable trees and greenery. Placing a building between a large number of protected trees was a big challenge. We made special effort to make the Entrance noticeable and interesting to visitors while at the same time respecting the valuable natural context.

The shape of the building is formed respecting the value of nature so it intertwines with the trees while being less important and still intriguing. Through forming the shape itself, it was necessary not only to respect the environment but also to allow business functions. For the operation of the entrance itself it was necessary to form the cash register space and the corridor with entrance and exit control of the ZOO garden.

Apart from the basic function, the Entrance has been designed as a platform for branding, promotion and creation of a recognizable identity. As a main element of shaping, we chose a loose, semi-transparent front composed of wooden verticals. The softness and naturalness of the materials are ideally suited to the oldest inhabitants of this place, centuries-old, powerful trees.

After the realization of the project, the representatives of the ZOO decided to use the main element of the Entrance design, the loose wooden verticals, to be used as a new bearer of identity on all planned structures within the ZOO Modernization project.

Project name

Holiday home Ravna Gora




Zoo Park Maksimir, Zagreb, Croatia




Built, in use


100 sqm


Zoo Zagreb


ABWD, Pitex, Perpetuo projekt, Ivanka Mlinarić, Monika Fiby, Dirk Petzold

Design team

Domagoj Katalin, Mirjana Krndelj, Marko Ramov