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Zoo Zagreb East Entrance

The undeniable connection of this house with the appearance of the Main gate is not a coincidence. But this house has an additional strength to remind people that the Zoo is part of the city, create an impression.
What determines the look of this house is the microlocation and the need for functionality. Touch of the outer space and the Zoo’s promenade allows people to enter and leave without reducing the functionality of the promenade. Gathering, maps, info, entrance control. We create emphasis, interesting point for passers-by and future visitors. The walking route slows down the dynamics of movement and offers the point of rotation or direction towards the exit. The sub area of the location requires careful location of the entrance/exit in order to preserve the promenade’s function.
Unobtrusiveness and duality are two main characteristics of the house. „Cuted“ front of keeping long fence’s line on one, and inversion of zoo promenade’s curve on the other side together create  irregular, half-organic floor plan shape. Used materials are the same as those on the Main entrance building: box office cube makes firm concrete base, and the surface for placement of invitations for the visitors is made of wooden verticals, undefiled with color, spaced and calmd by its nature – connection between organic and human intervention has been made. The soffit is slightly dematerialized by strong perforations of metal plates while simple line lighting emphasizes the function of entrance and exit. Thanks to this building, the Zoo became part of the city’s facade. It got a frame for a sign, a call to visit too the Zoo – a place to set signboards like „CAPE BARREN GOOSE – true or myth“ or BEAR’S WEEKEND – free entrance for all dads“. This is the first time that Zagreb Zoo has entrance that’s inviting.

Project name

Zoo Zagreb East Entrance




Zoo Park Maksimir, Zagreb, Croatia




Built, in use


50 sqm


Zoo Zagreb


ABWD, Toding, Pitex, Perpetuo projekt

Design team

Domagoj Katalin, Mirjana Krndelj, Marko Ramov