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Techpark Varaždin

A lot of offices, labs and parking places along with some public and social spaces – alltogether should be incorporated into one GREEN energy autonomus building. We used our best not to (over) design it. To make it practical, functional, active, smart, clean. Make IT possible.

The object is divided into two units which create interspace, an indoor atrium, a central multi-level communication space, a main entrance, a closed square – a place of entry, a meeting of people, a place of orientation and an experience of the whole object.

The relationship between lamellas and the atrium is determined by taking into account the criteria of for ensuring natural light and natural ventilation of all office spaces, with optimal insolation in the summer and winter period.
The entry floor is visually linked to the environment of the building. The green area and their “pixelized” decoration are permeated through the central atrium. On the ground floor there are all common facilities and services of the building – the ground floor is a center for events and social gatherings.
The other three overhead floors contain offices and service facilities. Office clusters are intertwined with communication extensions – creating space for creative gatherings, short breaks, and fast meetings. All the secondary spaces of the building are located in the underground floor. Laboratory is also located here because of the specificity of access.

External space, the environment is conceived as an extension and supplement of space and function of the facility. “Vortex for amateurs”, for those with excess energy, surrounds the object. The green roof of the underground floor tiles into a green park surrounding the object. Part of the park is a natural Reed bed purification system for gray waste water.

Project name

Techpark Varaždin




Varaždin, Croatia




Competition entry


14000 sqm


Techpark Varaždin



Design team

Domagoj Katalin, Mirjana Krndelj, Danijel Vinko